Where gardens fall?

Ranked as one of the best botanical gardens in the United States, the Denver Botanical Garden occupies 24 acres of land. The beauty of the 17-acre Elizabeth Hubert Malott Japanese garden is accentuated in the fall, when the gingko trees take on a golden hue. Here are ten essential fall tasks you need to finish before the snow flies to ensure your garden shines next spring. Fall is one of the best seasons to be in New York, especially if you visit the New York Botanical Garden (which celebrates its 125th anniversary).

Founded in 1859, the Missouri Botanical Garden is a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Morgan donated money for the establishment and maintenance of The Bunny Morgan Memorial Wildflower Meadow, now the Four Seasons Garden, in honor of his late wife, who had long been a wildflower enthusiast. Spring and summer may be Connecticut's most popular months to go from garden to garden, but those seasons pale in comparison to the natural colors that take hold in the fall. A destination that has been irresistible to artists for generations, the Florence Griswold Museum is framed by legendary gardens and grounds.

The formal circular garden is divided into wedges that are brimming with more than 200 different varieties of perennials of all shapes and sizes. From May to October, the stunning azaleas at the Land and Garden Preserve in Mount Desert Island, Maine, show a changing color palette. Visiting Longwood Gardens is a bit like walking into a painting, the famous horticulturist's paradise is that impressive. This garden invites you to explore four historic plant communities native to the southeastern coastal plain of VA.

This garden has an accessible terrace with views of the living areas, fountains and the picturesque surroundings of the garden. Inside the garden you will find a swallowtail and monarch nursery, a nectar garden, a moonlight garden and a collection of butterfly bushes. Edgerton Park Conservancy in New Haven is every gardener's dream, with its wooded environment, greenhouses and a historic carport filled with a collection of gardening books. This garden also has native plants rescued from nature due to the imminent destruction of their habitat.

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