Which gardening gloves are best?

Choose between four colors and five sizes when you see these Exemplary Gardens gardening gloves. Made of 100% natural goat grain, they guarantee puncture resistance, keeping it protected from scratches and slices. The rest of the gloves are made of 100% nylon, allowing for a sturdy construction that remains breathable and non-restrictive. Stay cool in a damp or dry environment and don't worry about losing grip, even if things get damp.

Awarded Best Buy for light use, our reviewers found Clip Gloves Bamboo Fiber gloves to have a good fit, easy to put on and take off, comfortable and breathable. The gloves are washable and come with a carabiner to attach them to the belt. They clip on from time to time, but are ideal for delicate work and all-day wear in spring and summer. Available in designs for men and women.

Read the full review of Clip Gloves Bamboo Fibre. These gloves mold to the hand to provide good dexterity and an excellent fit, and our experts praised their well-thought-out materials. They are comfortable and durable, but not bulky. There is a carabiner to attach the gloves to a belt and padding on the palms for additional protection.

Awarded Best Buy for heavy duty work. Clip Gloves shock absorbers come in sizes and designs for men and women. Read the full review of Clip Gloves Shock Absorber. Read the full Gold Leaf The Dry Touch review.

We tested 39 pruners on a variety of delicate and woody stems, and found that the Felco 2 Classic Manual is the best garden pruner for most people. Sometimes you just need a pair of cheap, classic-looking gardening gloves that can do the job, and this style fits your needs. Even if you're a casual gardener who rarely does heavy lifting, lighter garden jobs can cause blisters, sores, and scratches. Made from a durable, breathable knit fabric with an extra-durable yet flexible protective coating on the palms and fingers, these unisex garden gloves are hard to beat.

Heavy gardening tasks, such as turning the soil in your garden or digging a hole to plant a bush, require sturdy gloves that you won't get through with the tip of a finger. Compared to the StoneBreaker Gardener glove, it's not as flexible for everyday tasks, but if you need more hand protection and are willing to sacrifice some feeling at your fingertips, this glove will serve you well. After all, you'll spend a lot of time near water with your garden hoses, watering cans and bird baths tending a garden and getting wet and muddy go hand in hand. With exceptional dexterity with a tight fit, but also very resistant to thorns, Wonder Grip gardening gloves are equipped with a patented oil-resistant Micro Finish nitrile palm, so you'll never have trouble holding your tools again.

Growing up on a farm with a mother who maintained two giant gardens, he knows a thing or two about weeding and planting tools, including gloves. CaliKim likes these double-layer work gloves for heavy gardening, which she defines as “digging garden beds, digging holes for larger plants or trees, heavier pruning and more strenuous outdoor projects, because the double coating makes it easy to handle full-size garden tools, such as shovels, cultivators, pitchforks or hoes. Encourage children to participate in their gardening hobby with this set of three gloves made of lightweight cotton that is ideal for small hands. Before involving your little ones in the garden, make sure they have their own pair of gloves to keep their little hands clean and protected.

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