Who owns gardening express?

Gardening Express, with whom This is Money has contacted, is open about the challenges it has faced in recent months, stating on its homepage that deliveries are subject to delays and, in some cases, of “at least” two to four weeks. New customers flocked to the website in March, when it became clear that most garden centers would not be exempt from mandatory retail closures under lockdown. On Wednesday, fellow customer Jill Rennard also took to Twitter to say that she placed an order with Gardening Express five weeks ago, but had not yet received her order. A Twitter user named 'Lyndsay' then responded to Ms French's tweet stating that she had received her Gardening Express order, but thought the company's plants were in a 'correct condition' and supposedly not properly packaged.

Ms McDougall placed an order for £39.97 with Gardening Express on April 16, but has not yet reactivated her delivery from the company. GARDENING EXPRESS LIMITED ultimate beneficial ownership information from GARDENING EXPRESS LIMITED is available when you request a business credit report. To check the business credit rating of GARDENING EXPRESS LIMITED, you can request a credit report. The report will provide you with a credit rating and credit limit recommendation for GARDENING EXPRESS LIMITED, payment trends, whether the company pays its bills on time, whether or not the company has any court rulings, group ownership and structure, up to 5 years of financial statements and much more.

By requesting a business credit report for GARDENING EXPRESS LIMITED, you will be able to learn more about the payment trends of GARDENING EXPRESS LIMITED. Gradually, through continued dedication to quality, service and value for money, the business has become a force to be reckoned with in mail-order gardening, and is now one of the largest independent online garden centres in the UK. Gardening Express was founded in the late 1990s by Chris Bonnett, when he was still a teenager, after he decided it would be a fantastic idea to combine his passion for the outdoors and plants with the Internet. On Facebook, company founder Chris Bonnett published a lengthy post on Friday suggesting that Gardening Express was “catching up” with its pending orders.

The company has formed many partnerships with high-profile brands and organizations, always with the goal of staying one step ahead of the many “me too” competitors who have jumped on the online gardening bandwagon. Leanne McDougall, 37, an events delegate currently on maternity leave from Glasgow, told This is Money about her experience with Gardening Express.

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